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I’m Corey, the guy behind SideHustleInsider.

This is a blog about my crazy work life.

For 17 years I worked in a cubicle getting one pay check from one company until I was let go (long story).

Thank God I was building side hustles all along.

Side hustles have helped me through my lay-off, still provide me with paychecks from 10+ income sources and help me live a much more interesting life than the one I had in the same cubicle for 17 years.

Best of all, I am free from the fear of the kill shot.

KILL SHOT = losing your one job or client = F#@K!

Even though I’ve failed a bazillion times and started a lot of things that I never finished, I know I can help you and many others.

I am just not totally clear on exactly how.

Soooo… I’m just going to start writing and see where it goes from there.

The only goal at this point is to let it flow as naturally and as honestly as possible.

No bullshit.

Seriously, if you think I’m full of it at any time. Please call me out.

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