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So, you have a list of opportunities that might make for great side hustle ideas (if not click here).

Now you just need to figure out which one gives you the best chance to make money.

How do you do that?

Good ole’ fashioned research.

Let’s get into it.

Resources To Help You Choose A Side Hustle Idea

I was racking my brain for all the different resources I’ve used over the years to help me do research. Eventually the list became very long and I developed a headache trying to figure out how to present it to you without giving you a headache.

So, I figured I’d make it as simple and painless for you as possible. I picked a couple resource that I’ve used recently and took it from there.

Here are a few resources that will help you choose the best side hustle idea.


Although it is focused on vetting niche marketing ideas, I think this post can apply to any industry, online or offline, marketing or lawn mowing.

The reason it this method works so well in any industry is that it shows you how to use data generated from actual user behavior.

Data showing that people are actually searching for certain solutions and paying real money for those solutions.

Quick side story…

I recommended this resource to my brother Troy recently.

Ever since I can remember, my brother Troy has been coming up with inventions and business ideas. He always runs them by me because he knows how geeky I am about new ideas. He had a few a couple months ago but I was short on time.

So, being top of mind, I just sent him a link to these NicheHacks articles.

He doesn’t have much an affiliate marketing background BUT it helped him big time. Hell, I was surprised at how quickly it helped him narrow his choices.

I was also surprised at how this little exercised lit a fire under him. His excitement level was through the roof.

We are now in the process of building out the idea he chose using the NicheHacks research methods (more on that in future posts).

Click here read NicheHacks to check if your ideas are profitable.

That will get you started but there’s another resource that will really help you called…

7 Day Start Up

This book is a quick read and it will give you help you focus on the things that are important at the start of your business.

Important thing = will people give me money

Non-important thing = what font should I use on my website

He takes you from an idea to open for business in 7 days. Sounds crazy I know, but it is legit.

I know that your thinking… “dude, no way I can get up and running in 7 days.”

Well, you’ll be surprised.

Even if it does take you a little longer, this book gives you a frame work to help you prove your idea fast. To trim away the fat of stuff that doesn’t matter and getting to what matters most (like…will people pay for your product or service).

Quick side story…

Here’s a painful example from my own life. I spent 5 months building out my music marketing course

Between buying a state-of-the-art WordPress membership theme, handing over sizey consulting fees to a pro to set up that theme AND the amount of days I spent away from my consulting business working on videos, copywriting and what not, I spent nearly a thousand dollars building out a course for my music marketing followers. I barely broke even.

Not a good feeling and not something I like to bring up around my wife.


For the next info product I created, a guide to releasing music called Sell More Singles Roadmap, I took a different approach. I used the fail fast methodology based on the one outlined in the “7 Day Start-up.”

I took me less than a day to build out using basic blogging software and free email marketing tools. Even better it only cost me about $10 for a digital product delivery service.

After 3 years, I’ve made 5 times the sales with Sell More Single Roadmap than with 30minutefanfinders to date. Plus I still have a steady flow of sales coming in monthly.

Moral of the story, I could have learned whether or not 30minutefanfinders was going to make money in 7 days rather than 5 months. And I could’ve done it for a lot less money ($5 rather than thousands).

“7 Day Start Up” will help you cut through the crap. It will save you the time spent hemming and hawing over insignificant tasks that usually don’t matter.

Go get your copy of 7 Day Start-up.

Or if you think two heads are better than one and you’d like some help…

Get One-On-One Help Choosing The Best Idea…

Reading through those two resources are going to take you a long way. But there is another, more thorough way to audit you side hustle ideas.

Let me help!

Two heads are better than one right?

I can help you brainstorm your idea. I’ve done it hundred of times both for myself and with others. I love doing it and I am glad to help.

Just contact me (see image below) and I’ll spend 30 minutes with you on Skype or the phone going over what you have. I’ll help you choose the opportunity that gives you the best chance to make some money.

INTERESTED? To book your 30 minute idea selection session click the image below or click here.

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