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Sometimes you just run out of time.

Two forces converged to test my ability to deliver quality side hustle information for you this week. And I failed the test.

Force #1

My RV dealership gig required that I spend 20+ extra hours this week. I am writing this on Sunday night. It’s the end of day three of a three day weekend RV Show.

I just ground out 15 hours walking on concrete, answering questions and being ignored by people afraid of getting leg humped by a sales guy (I was one myself, I get it). But the lessons learned doing face to face sales are exactly why I signed up for this gig. It has giving me some new angles on how to approach my online gigs (and doing stuff like persuading my kids to do chores). You can expect to read about what I’ve learned in future posts.

Long hours + no days off this week = less time to research, ponder and write.

Force #2

As I dug into the topic of opportunity I realized that I bit off more than I can chew in one sitting. I wanted to go deep and wide to give you plenty of options.

I have a stack of 7 books, highlights scattered throughout 5 Kindle books and 10+ web links worth of research to sort out and organize for you. I’ll need to chew on this stuff some more. Distill it down.

To deep + too wide + less time = content not ready for prime time


It has been a mentally draining, feet swollen week walking the concrete arena floor. I hate that I am not delivering what I promised you but this is part of the deal when you are a side hustler. A few years ago I would’ve been pretty depressed about it but now I realize it is what it is and you can only do so much.

Just moving the ball forward is a good thing and there will be better days. Driving on…

What You Should Do Now

I didn’t want to leave you hanging after the last posts semi-depressing topic on the future of work. So I have something to cheer you up.

It’s an ebook called “The Million Dollar Briefcase.” I read it almost 10 years ago now. It flipped a switch for me when it came to how I think about self improvement and looking for opportunity. It will do the same for you.

Click to read “The Million Dollar Briefcase”

When you are finished, click here to go read the next post on how to spot opportunity.

P.S. If you want to insulate yourself from job killing tech and dream up work that matters, enter your email here or click the image below.

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