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Read the following and make a mental note of the expression that is on your face as you read it. Here’s what’s going on in my life right now:

  • I just finished working 30+ hours a week doing internet sales at a Boat and RV Dealership (my 5th part-time job in roughly 12 months)
  • I’m serving 5 consulting clients (2 Adwords related, 2 music marketing, 1 email newsletter)
  • Maintaining 3 websites in 3 different niches (I have a few others that sort of just sit there)
  • I am assisting in the management of a household as a husband and a father of 3 (not totally confident that my wife would agree on the “assisting” part)
  • And I’m starting this blog

Oh and whenever I get a chance, I’m reading a book or blog post, listening to a podcast and/or watching a video on how to do something. If that sounds a little crazy to you, you are not alone. I’ve had nearly ten years worth of bewildered “WTF-is-wrong-with-you” looks from family and friends. Followed by questions like…

“You are doing what?” “You’re working where now?” “What does your wife think about all this?” “So you’re not playing music any more?” (Oh, yeah BTW, I am a singer-songwriter too) “Isn’t all that internet stuff a scam?” “What the hell is Adwords?”

I hated it at first but I learned to like it because it means I’m on to something. It hasn’t been easy getting to that mindset though. It’s been crazy and I’ve put myself in some pretty shitty situations. I’ve spent many nights with my eyes wide open and staring at a clock showing 2:30 am. Asking myself questions like…

“How the hell am I going to come up with some money so my wife can pay bills.”


“Why couldn’t I have just sucked it up at my comfy $50K per year office jockey gig like everyone else?”

That is probably the hardest of them all because I dragged down people I love and depend on me pursuing this (without being certain what this is most of the time). They deserve more. I know what it’s like to feel like the biggest pile of shit dad and husband for not being able to give my wife and kids what they deserve. But it had to get worse. I had to make all these mistakes. I had to go through that to get where I am to “ultimately” make things better. I would be kicking myself if I hadn’t done these things (she agrees). Here’s the kicker. This craziness has prepared me for the future because I firmly believe that crazy work situations like mine are going to become the norm. Click here to get a glimpse of the future of work.

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